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Ejnar Bryld

Registered Business Psychologist

Specialist and supervisor in work and organisational psychology

Accredited Executive Business Coach



Welcome to this website, where you can find information about my work as a business psychologist.

Business psychologist Ejnar Bryld is a consultancy company, which works with change and development processes for individuals, groups and organisations in both private and public companies.

The company’s services include all fields and relations within both classic and modern work and organisational psychology. From stress and a poor mental work environment to mergers, value processes and other change processes in complex organisations.

Our speciality is sparring and development of managers, handling of conflicts, stress and other stressing factors at work and change management with special focus on the psychological side of work changes.




The company is based on a concept of practising and communicating work and organisational psychology in a concrete, understandable and involving way with high application value. In this way, we are able to make a constructive difference, to the benefit of human beings and companies.

The company has existed since 1998 and has over the years solved tasks for a number of the biggest companies in Denmark and a wide range of municipal, regional and national organisations.


The company is run by Ejnar Bryld, registered psychologist. If a job requires more resources, the work often takes place in cooperation with internal HR consultants or we draw on a large national and international network consisting of other experienced business psychologists and consultants.



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